Calligraphy Services

Available for on-site, workshops, product personalizations and more!

Dip Pen Calligraphy

Paired with different types of ink, dip pen calligraphy can be applied to a wide range of surfaces; such as paper, wood and acrylic!

Heat Foiling

Heat foiling instantly elevates any leather surfaces into a personalised and special one. The foils come in different colours that could match a wide range of items, such as luggage tags, card holders and notebooks!

Hand Engraving

Hand engraving is the perfect way to personalize items that are glass, metal, acrylic and PVC. A go-to method for wine bottles, perfumes, cosmetics and more!

Digital Calligraphy

There are plenty of applications of a digitalized logo! From backdrops, to embroidery on bridesmaid robes, to wedding invitations, everything you want to create is just one AI file away!