About Me

Hello! I'm Ashlee, a modern calligrapher, designer and calligraphy educator from Hong Kong. My passion towards DIY projects had started when I was little and I knew that I wanted my own business some day. So, I started to explore the possibilities of what my business could look like. And in 2018, Rather Delicate was created with the idea of incorporating Calligraphy and Acrylic.

I took the leap of faith and quit my job in May 2021 so that I can do what I love full-time. I understand that things will not be as stable as it was before, but it is worth it! I invite you to join me in this journey, to witness my growth, ups and downs and most importantly, I hope Rather Delicate will inspire you to chase your own dreams too!

About Rather Delicate


The initial concept for Rather Delicate was to create greeting cards that can double as home decoration. I've received many cards my whole life, and they always ended up in a box. So I thought: What if I made things that would not end up in a box? That was when I launched the first product "Full Bloom": preserved flowers pressed between two acrylic films with handwritten messages in calligraphy.



Even though acrylic plastic isn't typically considered a "high-end" material, applying calligraphy and floral decorations onto acrylic surfaces surprisingly brings out elegance and delicacy! I was surprised by the number of things that I was able to add this element into, for example, Fai Chun for Chinese New Year.

On a more practical side, acrylic plastic is relatively more long-lasting and easily kept for years and years. Which is why you will be seeing this material used for many upcoming products.

Stay tuned!