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Full Bloom Fortune

Full Bloom Fortune

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EARLY BIRD SPECIAL OFFER (offer valid until 30 Nov 11:59PM)


Product will be shipped out in late December / early January.



3D Acrylic Character

Gold Hardware

2mm Acrylic Clear Frames (Front & Back)

Preserved Flowers


Acrylic Frame 22x22cm

5mm Total Thickness

Lead Time

1 Month (depending on the design, availability of materials, etc)

To be confirmed upon order confirmation

Care Information

As all of our products are handmade, and even though we make every effort to create only the best, imperfections and inconsistency may appear

DO NOT place the products directly under the sunlight or bright lights, as the pigments of the preserved/silk flowers will fade over time. Placing floral products in a shaded area will last them over 5+ years!

DO NOT clean inked acrylic surfaces with any sort of liquid including water and alcohol wipes, as these liquids may dissolve the inks and affect the appearance or completely wipe off the ink.

DO NOT touch or scratch the acrylic surface or place it near sharp objects, as they can leave scratch marks on the products’ surface and they can also scratch off the inked calligraphy.

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